Building Information Modeling

From the beginning, Colwill Engineering has been quick to embrace technology and not hesitant to employ different software to meet the needs of our clients and the changing environment. For many years, we have been able to offer our clients the ability to work in multiple computer aided drafting platforms.

We recognize the benefits of building information modeling (BIM), and have employed the process in both conventional designs and the design build arena. The unique services we offer allow us a broader perspective of the benefits of building the project in cyber space before attempting it in the real world.

The ability to view the project in three dimensions and employ techniques like clash detection are a tremendous benefit to the design process. The nature of the process assures coordination during design and greatly limits conflicts in the construction phase.

Even greater value is realized by participation as a subcontractor. Our experience with BIM projects is that the work flows much more smoothly, conflicts during construction are all but eliminated, and schedules are not only met, but often dramatically improved.

Colwill Engineering welcomes the chance to work in this new and exciting method of project delivery and is committed to continuing to expand our capabilities.

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