Colwill Engineering embraces sustainable designs and has incorporated sustainable concepts in conventional projects as well as projects attempting LEED certification. Colwill Engineering's LEED projects have obtained or have been designed to achieve Certified, Silver and Gold recognition. Facilities include Office Buildings (one which was the first Office Building in Florida to earn LEED Gold from USGBC), Office Tenant Improvements, Retail Buildings, Grocery Stores, Nature Preserve/Exhibit Hall, and Fire Stations.

Mosaic Florida Operations Center
Riverview, Florida
Size: 113,000-sq.ft.
Total Project Value: $16 million
Type: New 4-story corporate office building
Services: Electrical design and construction
Highlights: State of the art office building incorporating sustainable design and construction initatives. Constructed utilizing USGBC LEED new construction certification process to pursue LEED Gold certification.

Progress Energy
Crystal River, FL
Size: 65,000-sq.ft.
Total Project Value:
Type: New Single Story Industrial Building
Services: Design and construction of all service and distribution.

Design and construction of all service and distribution, critical bus power systems derived from separate parts of the on site distribution, ighting and controls. The project was designd to achieve LEED silver certification. 65,000-sq.ft. facility built onthe Crystal River Power Plant site, to consolidate maintenance, office, and administrative functions, including a scrubber operating control room with critical power sources. Construction of the project was perormed on an operating multiple power plant site (bothcoal and nuclear) with numerous security considerations and operating restrictions.

Woodland Corporate Center
Tampa, FL
Size: 94,690-sq.ft.
Total Project Value: $3.4 million
Type: New 3-story corporate center (shell building)
Awards: Hillsborough County’s 2008 Community Design Award for Green Projects. The first speculative office building in Florida to earn LEED Gold Achievement status from USGBC.

Exeter International Headquarters Building - Tampa, FL
Size: 10,300-sq.ft.
Total Project Value: $624,000.
Type: 3-story office building
Highlights: LEED Gold Certification

E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center - Walton County, FL
Size: 18,000-sq.ft.
Total Project Value: $ 6.4 million
Type: Environmental Learning Center
Highlights: LEED Silver

Publix Bee Ridge Store and Retail - Sarasota, FL
Size: 47,000 - sq.ft.
Total Projet Value: Not Available
Type: Retail
Highlights: LEED Gold

Fire Station #8 - St. Petersburg, FL
Size: 7,100 - sq.ft.
Total Projet Value: Not Available
Type: Fire Station
Highlights: LEED Gold /_uploaded_files/01-extfirestation8-wjarch_nightbd64.jpg

Photo: Wannamacher Jensen Architects

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