FTP Support - Internet Explorer Connection Issues

In Internet Explorer, (IE) two modes of connection are supported - active and passive. When using active mode, the client establishes a connection to the server on port 21. Then the client sends a PORT command to the FTP server to specify the port on which the client will receive the data. The server establishes a new connection to the client and send the data from port 20. Many firewalls don't accept new incoming connections from an external interface, so even though the firewall allows ports 20 and 21, it drops the incoming connection from the server and the FTP session fails.

For that reason, you might need to use passive mode for FTP. In this mode, the client issues a PASV command to the server, which opens a port at 1024 or higher (the range depends on the server). The server uses the new port as the source for the data, which eliminates the need to establish a new connection to the client, and therefore, gets around the problem of the firewall dropping the connection.

You can configure it for passive mode if necessary to make FTP work through your firewall.
1. Open IE, go to Tools | Internet Options and click the Advanced Tab.
2. Place a check beside the option Use Passive FTP.
3. Click OK.

If you have further issues connecting to our FTP site, please contact the IS Department at 813-241-2525 x267

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