Laboratories & Specialty

Colwill Engineering has designed laboratory facilities for multiple types of end users including Governmental Agencies, Universities and other Educational Programs, Pharmaceutical Businesses, and Private Companies. Designs include testing laboratories, clean rooms, secure labs for defense contracting, misting rooms, research labs, welding and electrical repair laboratories, chemical storage, fume hoods, and medical research labs.

Raytheon - Largo, FL
Design and construction services for a 57,000-sq.ft. laboratory space as a part of an overall 230,000-sq.ft. facility. Design included secure labs for defense contracting activities, inclusive of extensive equipment connections and multiple voltage and frequency applications. 

Genzyme - Tampa, FL

Electrical design and construction services for a 14,000-sq.ft. laboratory for genetic disorders and diagnostic testing.

Other Laboratory Designs

  • USF IDRB Dr. Goswami Lab - 4,200-sq.ft.
  • USF IDRB Research Robotics Lab - 7,100-sq.ft.
  • USF MTOB Biomed Tech - 2 locations
  • Pasco County Environmental Laboratory - 5,000-sq.ft.
  • Wadsworth / Alert Laboratories - 11,000-sq.ft.
  • General Physics Corporation - 13,000-sq.ft.
  • Immunomed Laboratories - 12,100-sq.ft.
  • Beach Pharmaceuticals - 13,100-sq.ft.
  • Walgreens Home Care Clean Room - 800-sq.ft.

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